Sewing with Kimberley

Sewing was once a valued skill that every woman prided herself on having. Today, sewing skills have become a memory from high school economics classes when everyone learned to make their own apron. With the advent of big box stores and a global market, the incentive to sew your own clothing and home decor projects was lost since you could essentially buy every-day wear cheaper than you could make it.

I am happy to see that once again, people are interested in learning these skills and take pride in creating unique clothing that fits them well. In addition it is a great opportunity to create seasonal items for yourself and others. You can have fun making gifts for Christmas and special occasions. I enjoy sewing home decor projects for my home and saving money at the same time. I hope you will too.

I am sure that many of you are asking yourselves, "Why not just find online blogs and tutorials, rather than attend a class?" Attending my class in person will give you immediate instruction and feedback that is pertinent to your specific issue. I can help you with hands-on fitting or give you advice and suggestions based on YOUR machine, fabrics and so on. Attending a class in person also has the advantage of networking with your classmates and sharing inspiration.

I teach small classes and have some sewing machines available for those who don't have a machine of their own yet. My goal is to help people become comfortable with a sewing machine, using patterns, etc. For more information and schedules call: 928-580-5800 or email me at Kimberley.
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